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Mk3 Mk4 Mk5 Mk6 VW Caliper Stiffening Bronze Bushing Kit
Mk3 Mk4 Mk5 Mk6 VW Caliper Stiffening Bronze Bushing Kit
Product #: 400 401
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Bronze Caliper Bushing kit, for use with OEM calipers.
Will fit:
Mk3 - GTI, Jetta VR6 Only
Mk4 - Golf, GTI, Jetta, R32
Mk5 - Rabbit, GTI, Jetta, R32
Mk6 - GTI and Jetta. Will not fit Golf .:R

These brake caliper bushings will eliminate caliper twisting caused by the OEM rubber guide bushings. By allowing your calipers to slide freely on the guide pins, these bushings will allow your calipers to squeeze evenly on both sides of the brake rotor. This will result in increased pad life by allowing, the inside and outside pads to wear straight and even, along with a more consistent pedal feel.

This kit will pay for itself in no time, by saving you from replacing unevenly worn brake pads.

Kit Includes:
4 - Bronze Bushings
4 - Guide Pins
4 - Retaining Rings
1 - Packet Synthetic Grease