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VW Knife Edged Lightweight Crankshaft Service
VW Knife Edged Lightweight Crankshaft Service

Product #: 100 201C
Apprx 4 weeks

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Knife Edging a crankshaft reduces its mass, and gives the counterweights a thinner profile. The resulting thinner counterweight profile will encounter less resistance as it rotates through oil in the oil pan reducing parasitic power loss. The combination of weight loss and reduced resistance on the crankshaft results in an engine that will rev quicker and higher, and increase power througout the entire power curve. 

Crankshaft is cleaned, balanced, and ready to install: 
- Knife Edged and Dynamically Balanced for maximum performance
- Oil galleries cleaned and new plugs inserted
- Micro Polished Bearing and Seal Journals 
- Cleaned and ready for installation (stored in a sealed bag) 

This is based on you sending in your crankshaft, we will machine it and then return it to you.  From the time of us receiving your crankshaft, it will typically be returned to you within 3-4 weeks.

If you need the bearing journals ground, we can also do that for an additional fee.  The fee can only be determined once we receive your crankshaft and determine, how bad they currently are.

Place this item in your shopping cart, and purchase it.  You will receive an order confirmation for your purchase with an order number.  When sending in your crankshaft please write your order number on the outside of the box so that we can identify who it belongs to.  When we receive it, we will notify you that we have received it and then also notify you when we ship it back to you.